Some Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your HVAC


Whether you are running a household or a business, small but effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system are always welcome. These measures do not only save you from higher energy bills but also help the environment.

Thus, as your trusted provider of heating, ventilation, and AC service in Houston, Texas we at All Systems Mechanical Inc., here are some of the most effective ways to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC:

  • Use your fan to move hot air around
    With better air circulation, your AC does not need to spend more energy to cool down your rooms during the hotter times of the year nor does it have to waste by going up the higher parts of your home where no one uses it during the colder seasons.
  • Take advantage of the sun
    Open up your shades to let it in during winter and down during the summer.
  • Re-evaluate your thermostat habits
    You don’t have to keep the thermostat cranked up all the way the whole year despite what you think your body says. You can re-learn what your body is used to one notch at a time, just ask our HVAC specialist in Houston Texas.
  • Place your HVAC strategically
    Ideally, your HVAC should be in an area where there is no excessive sunlight. For instance, while the attic may be a good location if you are aiming for attic ventilation in Houston Texas, if it is hit by sunlight directly, your unit will still have to work double-time.

Save more when you get a professional and customized HVAC inspection of your energy situation. Get in touch with us today!