Recommended Spring Time Check for Home HVAC System

Recommended Spring Time Check for Home HVAC System

It’s spring, where you enjoy the last stretch of cold and gear up for a heated summer. While this is all majestic, it also means you need to check on your HVAC. Spring is your window to preparing your HVAC unity at home, from the cold winter nights to hot summer days. So how exactly can you do this?

As a trusted HVAC specialist in Houston, Texas, we at All Systems Mechanical Inc. have a few recommendations for homeowners during the springtime HVAC check.

  • Inspect indoor and outdoor units – HVAC units are composed of several systems that work together. It means both your indoor and outdoor units need to be checked and maintained. When prepping for summer, inform your provider of AC service in Houston, Texas about the status of your unit.
  • Filter check – Making sure filters are not clogged is the oldest ventilation trick in the book. Your HVAC unit is responsible for good airflow in the house, and filters help achieve that.
  • Contact professionals for maintenance – Your regular HVAC maintenance should be done by a specialist since the technical of it can get complicated. You would not want to risk breaking a unit because of experimenting.

We are an HVAC and attic ventilation specialist in Houston, Texas and you can rely on us to provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

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