Making the Right Decision: Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC?

Making the Right Decision: Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC?

Almost anyone would want to try and save some money, especially when it comes to dealing with expenses. That said, at one point most households come across a fairly common dilemma – to replace or to repair? In the case of HVAC systems, the answer to this question depends on several factors.

As an HVAC Specialist in Houston, Texas, here are a few things we advise you to look out for:

  • The Age of Your Unit
    HVAC can typically last 15 – 20 years. When it exceeds this lifespan, a lot of the issues it experiences might no longer be worth repairing. After 20 years, you can be sure that you’ve gotten the value out of your HVAC. So, there’s no need for you to feel wary about opting for replacements.
  • The Cost of Repairs
    After an HVAC inspection, your specialist will provide you a quotation of the repair costs. This quotation will help you settle on the right decision. With the value you got, try to estimate how often your unit breaks down and how much repairs will be costing you if you decide to continue using your unit over the years. If the cost of repairs for several years is still cheaper than a replacement, then it might pay off to settle with your current unit.
  • The Unit’s Efficiency and Effectiveness
    You should also base your decision on how well your unit works at its current state. Ask the questions – “is my unit still energy efficient?” or “is my unit still functioning properly?” If there are glaring functionality issues that can no longer be handled by repairs alone, then it might be time to look for a newer HVAC. If you live in our area, we can schedule an inspection and AC service in Houston, Texas so you can inspect your unit and help you make a better-informed decision.

We also offer other services such as maintenance, installations, and attic ventilation in Houston, Texas. So, if you need any of these services, please seek the help of All Systems Mechanical Inc. We look forward to serving you!

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