HVAC Issues You Should Let a Professional Handle

HVAC Issues You Should Let a Professional Handle

Any system requires maintenance, especially one that you use regularly through season changes.

And while you can take on regular maintenance and repairs, such as cleaning the coils and filters of your attic ventilation in Houston Texas, there are matters that would require a pro looking into them.

That said, it can be difficult to know when you should enlist the help of one.

Thus, as the trusted provider of heating, ventilation, and AC service in Houston, Texas. We at All Systems Mechanical Inc. have listed some of the problems that you should not wait out lest they develop into bigger concerns.

  • Pilot and/or ignition problems
    Do you have a hard time starting your unit? This could already be a pilot and/or ignition problem. Make sure to have a trained technician look into it, especially since this deal with high voltage and can result in pilot outages or furnace lockouts.
  • Recurring thermostat malfunctions
    If you’ve replaced the batteries and reviewed your thermostat’s manual over and over again to no avail, then you may already need to bring in a technician to see if the problem is more than that.
  • Slowed-down system
    Have you noticed your unit to be slow to start? Perhaps the temperature has been going on and off? Chances are, it is not only one specific piece that’s blown; your entire unit may be down because of mechanical wear and tear through years of use.

Do you recognize any of the issues above? Don’t hesitate to call a professional HVAC specialist in Houston Texas for a thorough HVAC inspection today.