Answers to FAQs About COVID-19 and Your HVAC


We know you have many questions about your HVAC and how COVID-19 affects its safety and efficiency. As an HVAC Specialist in Houston Texas, we’ve heard you and today we’re answering our clients’ frequently asked questions to hopefully give them a little peace of mind regarding their AC systems.

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through my HVAC ducts?
According to the CDC, the risk of spreading COVID-19 through ventilation systems is currently not clear. Further studies still need to be conducted; however, improving ventilation and air quality indoors is an essential step in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Getting an AC Service in Houston, Texas to conduct maintenance and repair on existing units or replacing older units with new and efficient systems can increase the safety and security of your home or office.

Should I install higher efficiency filters to protect my home/office from infections?
High-efficiency HVAC filters add an extra layer of protection in your home/office by capturing small particles (such as germs and viruses) and removing them from your ventilation system.

However, considering the size of the COVID-19 virus, some particles may still get past your high-efficiency HVAC filters.

Still, several other benefits outweigh the cons. Contact your provider for AC Services in Rosenberg Texas to learn more about your options.

Where can I find safe and reliable HVAC repair services?
Your health is our number one priority here at All Systems Mechanical Inc. Thus, we provide all our personnel with the necessary PPE and safety tools to ensure no harm comes to our clients during repair assignments.

We also provide professional Attic Ventilation in Houston Texas for those who wish to extend the life expectancy of their attics.

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